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About Conference

Welcome to the GMC 2023

Stepped into the future of healthcare innovation!

Our conference brought together the brightest minds in medical tech from around the world. Experts, researchers, and professionals joined forces to learn, collaborate, and shape the future of healthcare.

Explored exciting research, the latest tech, and had insightful discussions that changed the way healthcare works. Participants got ready for a transformative experience where creativity and innovation met healthcare.

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A Glimpse of GMC 2023

Take a visual journey through GMC2023 by exploring captivating images that highlight the conference’s memorable moments. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us!

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Chief Guest

Dr. (Mrs.) Sanghamitra Pati

Scientist-G & Director of Public health at RMRC, Bhubaneswar

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Nayak

Vice Chancellor, Ravenshaw University

Dr. Smita Mohanty

Director & Head (Principal Scientist) CIPET : SARP-LARPM

Mr. Tribikram Rath

Co-founder & CEO, Mohs10 Technologies


Dr. Debashis Das

MD (Medtronic), MBBS, MD (AIIMS, New Delhi)

Dr. Bishnu Prasad Patro

Professor and HOD of Orthopedics AIIMS BBSR

Dr.Tanmoy Mohanty

Professor Of Orthopaedics, KIMS

Prof. (Dr.) Subash Chandra Nayak

Vice Principal, Hi Tech Dental College and Hospital

Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni

Co-founder & CTO, testAIng| Co-founder, CityMandi

Dr. Biswajit Bhuyan

MD, DM (CLINICAL HEMATOLGY) Consultation Hematologist KIMS, BBSR

Ravi Kiran Sreepada

Trust Officer at Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Centres for Child Heart Care

From CEO's Desk

Tribikram Rath (Tri)

Co-founder & CEO, Mohs10 Technologies | Founder, Test Automation Forum (TAF)

The healthcare market of India (भारत) is influenced by several key environmental parameters like rising incomes, increasing population, introduction of smart cities, adoption of latest technologies, post Covid complications, spike in diseases related to lifestyle changes and so on. Our healthcare market’s CAGR is expanding at a rate of more than 20% percent annually. The Indian healthcare market has been estimated to reach USD 367 billion by 2023 and USD 638 billion by 2025 as per INC42.

With that said, Indian Hospital infrastructure still lack adequate futuristic digital platforms in order to drive best-in-class patient experience and other operational efficiencies. Through Global MedTech Conference 2023, we have taken a step in order to accelerate and strengthen the Digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem, by integrating futuristic technologies with the existing healthcare systems to provide better and faster patient care, improve staff experience, optimize operational processes, reduce cost, enable faster diagnostics for diseases, alternate medications etc. and drive efficiency.

So, join us to explore the latest tech, and be part of several insightful discussions that will change the way healthcare works.

Looking forward to see you there!

Objectives of GMC

MedTech innovation, where healthcare and technology converge through collaboration.

Patient-centric solutions, elevating care through technology. 

Developing connections and driving innovation. 

Empowering healthier solutions, one step at a time. 

Reshaping healthcare’s future with revolutionary solutions. 

Inspiring Thought Leadership . 

At GMC, we aim to create a dynamic platform that fosters collaboration among healthcare and technology experts worldwide. Our prestigious conference provides a stage to showcase groundbreaking research and transformative technologies that reshape the healthcare landscape. Empowering participants with knowledge, we inspire healthier solutions and advocate for MedTech progress. Together, we build a strong global MedTech community, igniting inspiration from industry leaders. Join us in this remarkable journey to revolutionize healthcare and create a healthier world! 

Join us in this remarkable journey to revolutionize healthcare and create a healthier world! 

Why attend us?

Get a chance to build great networking opportunities from healthcare professionals.

Professional Growth and Recognition, Empower Innovation, Unite Experts, Transform Healthcare.

Discover cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are reshaping the healthcare landscape.

Engage in knowledge exchange and interactive panel discussions, fostering meaningful insights and collaborative solutions.

 Conference Agenda




Welcome Address by Tri Rath (CEO, Mohs10 Technologies)
Address by Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Nayak (Vice Chancellor, Ravenshaw
Address by Chief Guest-Dr. (Mrs.) Sanghamitra Pati (Director, RMRC)
Introducing ‘’JYOTSNA’’ – Flagship HIMS from MOHS10 Technologies
Address by Member of CIPET SARP LARPM
Address by Member of BCKIC
Vote of thanks by Tri Rath (CEO, Mohs10 Technologies)


Refreshment Break & Networking 


SESSSION 1 – A.I in Healthcare
Speaker 1- Dr. Debasish Das (MD, Medtronic)
Speaker 2- Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni (Co- Founder, testAing)
Speaker 3- Dr. Tanmoy Mohanty (Professor, Ortho, KIMS)


SESSION 2- Evolving healthcare Environment in India 
Speaker 4- Mr. Ravi Sreepada (Trust officer, Sri Satya Sai Sanjivani Hospital) 
Speaker-5- Dr. Subash Chandra Nayak (Vice Principal, Hi-tech Dental College and Hospital) 
Speaker 6- Dr. Bishnu Prasad (HOD, Ortho, AIIMS BBSR) 






AR VR Show 


Theme: Revitalizing Global Healthcare Infrastructure: Leveraging the Digital Power

Moderator-Mr. Ravi Sreepada(Trust officer,Sri Satya Sai sanjinvani Hospital)

Panel Speakers-
Dr. Debasish Dash (MD, Medtronic)
Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni (Co- Founder, testAIng)
Dr. Bishnu Prasad (HOD, Ortho, AIIMS BBSR)
Dr. Tanmoy Mohanty (Professor, Ortho, KIMS)
Dr. Subash Chandra Nayak (Vice Principal, Hi-tech Dental College and Hospital)
Dr. Biswajit Bhuyan (MD, DM,Clinical Hematology, KIMS, BBSR)


Theme: Next generation Biomedical devices Panel discussion

Moderator- Dr. Smita Mohanty

Panel Speakers
Speaker 1- Shri Abanish Nayak (Founder, Ztop IoT Solutions)
Speaker 2- Dr.Sukanya Pradhan (Research associate II at CIPET, BBSR)
Speaker 3- Dr. Tanmoy Mohanty (Professor, Ortho, KIMS)
Speaker 4- Mr. Satyabrata Mohanty (Founder, Steradian)


Exhibitor Felicitation  




EXPO visit/ Networking/ Coffee Break/Entertainment  

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Our Highlights

AR/VR Showcase
Experience the future of immersive tech at our AR/VR showcase
From startups to established enterprises, this is your chance to connect with leading companies
Panel Discussion
Engage in thought-provoking discussions at our panel sessions

Frequently asked Questions 

Will there be any workshops or interactive sessions?

Certainly! GMC will feature a dynamic Expo, showcasing the latest advancements in both medical and technological fields, providing attendees with invaluable insights and opportunities to explore cutting-edge innovations. 

Will the participants receive certificates for attending?

Yes, recognizing their valuable contribution to the event and their engagement in knowledge-sharing and collaboration, participants will receive certificates for attending the Global MedTech Conference. 

Are there any startups or emerging companies showcasing their innovative products or services?

GMC provides a platform for startups and emerging companies to showcase their innovative products and services in the healthcare and technology domains. Attendees can explore the latest breakthroughs and connect with these forward-thinking companies at the conference. 

What benefits do we gain from participating in this event?

Participating in this event provides valuable networking opportunities with healthcare experts, exposure to cutting-edge innovations, and potential collaborations that drive professional growth and advancement in the healthcare and technology sectors. 

How can I become a sponsor or exhibitor?

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor, please reach out to us through the "Contact Us" page on our website. 

How can participants engage with sponsors and exhibitors during the conference?

Participants can engage with sponsors and exhibitors through exhibition booths, networking, workshops, and discussions for meaningful connections and learning. 

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